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Hi There. Nice To Meet You.

I'm Patti. I'm a graphic designer, jewelry designer and metalsmith living and working in the gold country of Northern California. I work in sterling silver, fine silver, as well as bronze and copper. I prefer to incorporate high quality natural semi-precious (and some precious gem) stones and objects found in nature, like bones, horns, teeth, feathers, leather, shells... anything of natural beauty may show up in my pieces. My favorite stones are turquoise, jasper, labradorite, larimar, amethyst, moonstone, and...
(I love them all)

I'm a one-woman show, with some assistance from my cat, Jenson, and sage advice from my sweetheart, Fred.


I've risen from the ashes more times than I can count, reinventing my life and livelihood. Each time this happens, it takes a tremendous effort to regain balance. I relate deeply to the Phoenix, as a creative muse and personal life totem, but after the fire and smoke have cleared, that's when creative potential happens. After feathers are no longer singed, and the nest isn't smoldering, I can take what I've learned and and start anew. It's much less dramatic than bursting into fiery flight, to be a sleeping phoenix. That's where I'm at (just a little spark, fire and smoke from my torch).

I've traveled the world and am influenced by the history and cultures from around our exquisite planet. I make adornments that I would wear (and do!), jewelry that is beautiful to see and be seen in; accessories that tell a story and that has meaningful symbolism to guide you on your personal journey. I'm influenced greatly by the natural beauty of my town, Nevada City (it's in California - come visit sometime! We've got wineries, film festivals, restaurants, art, mountains, rivers, wildlife and really nice people too).


Drop me a line if you see something you like on this site or on Instagram but is not currently listed in my shop. I'm available for custom orders at this time.

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Blessings on your journey!

Love + Fire,

Patti Glenn

Patti Glenn


Mr. Jenson Black


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